Show Statement

The Sensational, Inflatable Furry Divines
An Introduction

          Max Adrian is proud to present the introduction to a new body of work, The Sensational, Inflatable Furry Divines. Made of teddy bear pelts and fleshy faux-leathers, these ambiguous playthings are the toys who know what happens under the moonlight. This cast of unearthly characters—so-called mascots of mischief—peer from their sewn, swollen faces with memories of merry-go-rounds and matchbooks, of soft bodies casting side-eye spells and queer corners bathed in yellow. At times triumphant in their full inflation, the Furry Divines inevitably cease their mouthless breathing, and their fuzzy skins fold inward, awaiting the next blow. They welcome us with their stoic comforts, silent but for the whir of a fan, asking queries to an empty room. How to smile. How to wear a crown. How to address all the woes of the world. We know, they seem to say, We know. Relatives of our bed-ridden friends, together they observe us from their pillowy perch like slumber party sentries. Unicorns in the dark, waiting, rising, falling.